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Things to do in Casaras - The essential Casaras guide.
On the Costa del Sol and located close to Estepona
stands a unique Spanish village nestled in the hillside
with its white-painted houses.

Casares has been inhabited for thousands of years by a myriad
of civilisations, each leaving its mark. Besides walking along the
narrow cobbled streets with their Moorish design, one should not miss
the opportunity to see the Arab Castle at the top of the hill.

Casares Area Guide

Along the way, walk through the town square and get a taste of real Spain where women go about their business, cloaked in black shawls and men pass the time away socialising. Tiny village shops full of local produce hide round every corner with a scattering of small bars and cafes thrown in for good measure. Local pottery and leatherwork are very good buys. The town is almost untouched by tourism.  Casares has its own little museum with artefacts dating from the  Roman times. The whole town is a photographer's paradise. In Roman times the town was of such importance that it had its own  mint and Roman baths which were ordered to be built by Caesar  as a sign of gratitude to being cured of a skin complaint after  bathing in the sulphurous waters in the locality. Numerous Roman  ruins lie close by, including part of an aqueduct. A truly, sleepy  village, locked in time. The local fiestas take place in the first two  weeks of August and the Cristo fair takes place in September  when the village comes alive.  The village is surrounded by the stunning Natural Parks of the Sierra Bermeja and Sierra Crestellina, with dramatic views at every turn and provide natural challenges for hikers, birdwatchers, and horse riders. Competitive sporting fans can enjoy world class golf courses and polo, as well as fishing, sailing and surfing, all within easy reach of the Casares area.

Things you must do and see In Casares


The Arab Castle:
Visit the Arab castle up on the hill over looking the Spanish countryside.
Breath taking views and you may even see the eagles soaring in the sky.

Palaeontology Museum of Estepona :
Tel. 280 57 09 Take a tour in history

The Andaluz Donkeys: Tel. 952 790 511
The Association of Breeders of Andalucian Donkeys

Local Markets:
Estepona has a local market that is on a Sunday morning and can be found in the Estepona
port area.