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Things to do in Gibraltar - The essential Gibraltar guide.
Gibraltar has its own airport with regular schedule flights
too and from the airport, and are presently operated by
Monarch Airlines and Easy Jet.

When you arrive at Gibraltar you will have to show your
passport to the Gibraltarian Police and customs.
There are busses to take you over the runway into
the town area. During the summer months heavy traffic
can be expected both entering and leaving Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Area Guide

Gibraltar The history goes back along time about Gibraltar. Since the Moorish leader Tarik based his troop-ships there in the 8th century. Then in 1462 Britain captured the Rock in 1704 during the War of the Spanish Succession.  Its cession to Great Britain was confirmed by the terms of the Treaty of Utrecht back in 1713 when it became a British possession. Throughout its history Gibraltar has harboured successive waves of immigrants from widely  differing cultural backgrounds. The establishment of British rule  brought about the departure of the Spanish inhabitants and their  place was then taken by a collection of  immigrants including  Moroccan Jews, and Portuguese who combined with British then  formed harmonious community as it is today.
Gibraltar has two  main shopping areas that are recommended.  One being the Main street, and the other the Irish street.  Both of these shopping areas are packed with many shops such  as the ever so popular Marks & Spencer's British Holme Stores,  and many Duty free shops that sell electrical products. A long with the typical British pubs, restaurants, its just like shopping in the uk.
The currency is the Gibralterian pound, similar to the English currency. You are allowed to use the English currency there but you may be given Gibralterian currency in your change.

Things you must do and see In Gibraltar


Bee Divers Gibraltar : Tel. 680 75 22 73
Diving in Gibraltar with eleven wrecks in one bay Offer the whole range of PADI course from
beginner to instructor

Cable car trip : Tel. 350 79478 The Cable
Car will offer you the opportunity to experience an unparalleled variety of magnificent views
of the Rock and the surrounding region.

The Upper Rock Nature reserve: Tel. 020 7836 0777
Go up to the Rock and see the wonders

Dolphin Safari : Tel. 607 290 400
In the Bay of Gibraltar take a boat ride and watch wild dolphins