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Things to do in Granada - The essential Granada area guide.
The province of Granada borders that of Malaga both to the
North, inland, and to the East, on the Eastern coastline, Spain.
Granada is located in the at the foot of the Sierra Nevada
Mountains and only 100 km away from the Mediterranean Sea.

Granada has so much tradition and so much culture that its a must to
visit whilst on holiday. One of Granada city's most famous landmarks is
the stunning Alhambra Palace. Its beauty and history is fascinating
and, as satisfying as a visit around the Alhambra is, the spectacular
views of the Palace from many areas of Granada are also amazing, especially in the late evening, close to sunset.

Granada area guide

Granada the town is also located near Sevilla and Malaga and it's within a 4 hours drive of Madrid. It is one of the eight regional capitals of Andalusia and the town has a population of nearly 300.000. Granada has a great diversity in its climate from a sunny Mediterranean summer to rain and snow in the winter. The most important industrial sectors in Granada are the agricultural and the tourism industry. The many mountains in the province of Granada makes it a good location to produce Olives, as it is one of the only agricultural products that can grow in these conditions. In the part of Granada closer to the Mediterranean Sea there is also a large production of tobacco and sugar. Apart from the above industries Granada town is know for its craftsmanship producing handmade quality products such as guitars, pottery, board games and other products in wood. Apart from the University there is only one other major employer, the Alhambra Palace, which attracts over two million annual visitors and is key to a thriving tourism industry The Alhambra has been described as 'the Jewel of Moorish Spain' and visitors will be overwhelmed by its beauty. During the winter months you can even drive up to the mountains and do some skiing which is very popular with tourists and the Spanish alike.

Things you must do and see In Granada


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