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Things to do in Rhonda - The essential Rhonda guide.
Ronda sits on a plateau of a large rock out cropping.
Because of the cliffs, Ronda was one of the last Moorish
cities to fall during the Re-conquest of Spain by the
Catholic monarchs.

Now the old central city of Ronda is a prime tourist destination
that combines historic and picturesque views with an active shopping
experience. Pop over and visit Rhonda. You will enjoy it.
Rhonda Area Guide

Ronda is one of the top tourist attractions in Andalucia and this stunning white town, situated to the north of Costa del Sol (50 minutes’ drive from Marbella) is a favourite travel destination for holidaymakers and residents in resorts on the Costa del Sol.The area is ideal for hiking, climbing, mountain biking and cavinIng is an stunning adventure to do. The town offers so much in terms of history that must be seen. In recent years. Ronda has also become increasingly popular as an area for those relocating to Spain and looking for an authentic Andalucia destination.
Its origins go back to the Celts who called this spot Arunda and some historians situated the city in Acinipo, and both populations were passed to the Romans. Later on it was Muslim and in the XV century, conquered by the Catholic Kings. It was also occupied by Napoleonic troops and to defend themselves they organised centres of banditry.
Despite it's turbulent past with invasions by Phoenicians, Visigoths, Romans and Moors, Gaucin today is a haven of peace. No-one rushes anywhere, the pace of life is gentle and visitors are soon imbued with a sense of well-being.
The village is situated at the end of the mountains of the Serrania de Ronda in an elevated position with the remains of the Moorish castle as a romantic backdrop and a maze of streets and alleys that straddle below it. So much to see and do so worth a visit.

Things you must do and see In Rhonda


Horse Riding in Ronda : Tel. 607 702 621
Riding at stables near to Ronda village

The wine museum in Ronda : Tel. 952 87 97 35
The winery "La Sangre" offers you the opportunity to know, to smell and to savour a tradition in Ronda

Bull fighting ring in Ronda : Tel. 952 187 171

Ascari Race track : Tel. 952 50 48 62
The first of it kind, the Ascari race resort is located in a beautiful secluded valley in Ronda