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Property Management Services
Annual Management Service

This is designed for those who don't really want to rent out their property, but would like someone to pop round once a
week to check that everything is secure and safe.
We will check to make sure there are no water leaks, and that the Electricity and gas will be checked, and make sure no one has attempted to break in.

We will also flush the toilet, and open all windows for a while to let in fresh air, and then lock the apartment back up again.
It is also good to know that in the unlikely event of an emergency, there will be someone available to let trades men in Please note that only one set of keys will be held by us, and no one else will have access to your property without first having your full consent.

Holding the property keys

If you would like us to hold a set of keys for you, in case your guests lock themselves out, or loose the keys then we can do this. If your guests loose the keys then we will get a new set cut, the fee for this is payable by the guests or the
property owner.

Security Checks as and when required for peace of mind

This service is prices per visit to your property.
This can be very useful for those who don't let out their property or don't visit their property frequently yet would like to have peace of mind knowing that their property is being frequently visited.We will then send you conformation that your property is secure and safe giving you peace of mind.
This service is very popular and can be done several times through out the year.

Holiday changeovers

We will clean and mop all floors throughout the property including all balconies and the terraces.
We shall renew all toilet rolls, clean mirrors, and duster thougherly. In the Kitchen, we will clean
the table tops, cooker, and all appliances.

The bedding shall be cleaned, new sheets put on if 2 sets are available.
Under all furniture, and beds will be brushed and moped with disinfectant, and all windows will be cleaned where possible.

Light Maintenance to your property

General maintenance can also be carried out on property’s priced per job, let us know if there is any work you require on your property we will get quotes from tradesmen and let you know what these are and work would only be carried out when you decide.
If you are happy with the quote, we will then arrange for the work to be carried out and then let you know when the work is completed. We will always contact you first before any work is carried out.

Welcome Pack on arrival.

Maybe you would like some essentials waiting for you when you arrive at your accommodation.
We offer a basic Welcome Pack at a cost of 25 euros onwards.